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The Swiss Competence Network for Mastocytosis is an initiative of doctors and scientists with a special interest in mastocytosis.

Our goal is to work together to provide the best possible care for patients with mastocytosis in Switzerland.

Our competence network is intended to help supply patients, physicians, and other interested parties with up-to-date information on mastocytosis as well as on the centers of expertise for mastocytosis in Switzerland.

Within the network, we regularly exchange ideas about new diagnostic and therapeutic options. We are working together to elucidate the causes of mastocytosis and to develop new therapies.

The Swiss Competence Network is an active member of the European Competence Network on Mastocytosis and a close partner of the American Initiative in Mast Cell Diseases.

We are in close contact with SELMAS, an association for those affected by mastocytosis, their relatives, and supporters.

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